Founded by Cape Town bred, multi award winning producer Wayne Lee Robertson, also known as Hipe, Hiperdelic is a music collective, which offers a range of services branching from beat making to production, studio facilities, artist Public Relations, placements and a carefully curated music selection which strives to inspire, enhance and push the boundaries of South African music.

Starting out as a music producer in the late 90s, Hipe has collaborated with and produced for an array of international and local artists such as Driemanskap, Mingus, Rattex, Ben Sharpa, Proveb, Ill Skillz, Youngsta, Uno July, Boy Wonder, SkyZoo, John Robinson, DGKstarr, Mode9, Camo, Nonku Phiri and so many more.

In 2014 Hiperdelic Records released albums by artists such as CREAM and Bruinstormaz which focused predominantly on Afrikaans street rap. Hipe then discovered a passion for the music industry which stemmed from but didn’t end with music production. With more than 15 years of experience in the local industry, he quickly saw a gap in the market and realized where he could fill it. In late 2015 the decision was made to drop the “records” and just stick to being Hiperdelic. This allowed for the doors to open up in areas which transcend pure music production.

Hiperdelic has recently welcomed new members to the team which hopes to encourage and aid the company’s growth and hopefully stimulate local business, communities and music.


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