Hip Hop Fridays Mix 37 – Stick Up Kids Is Out to Tax

Hip Hop Fridays Mix 37 – Stick Up Kids Is Out to Tax

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HipHop Friday’s is a collaboration project between Carl Thobane aka MrC and Inyambo Imenda aka Nyambz. Whilst both having an extensive career in HipHop the two joined forces after discovering a mutual love for unknown DJ Primier tracks. Every Friday they take turns to put together a mix all in the name of sharing good music and hopefully educating some of the upcoming kids who are not exposed to this kind of hip-hop.

Their latest mix not only features two Bruinstormaz tracks but three tracks produced by Hiperdelic founder and owner, Hipe. The mix features:

Bruinstormaz – Nagte
Cream – Stille Waters
Bruinstormaz – Gun

And many other dope joints.

Check out https://hiphopfridays.wordpress.com/ for the full track list and more information on HipHop Fridays.


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