Hiperdelic Production Courses

Hiperdelic Production Courses

With over 15 years invested in the South African hip-hop industry, it’s no surprise that Hipe is widely recognized as one of the best producers in the country. His classic sample based production and impeccable composition is easily recognized and now he’s offering aspiring producers the opportunity to learn the tricks of the trade through his newly launched production classes.

Wayne Robertson, also known as Hipe, launched Hiperdelic in 2014 which geared towards creating a market for Afrikaans Street Rap while also offering studio facilities. Hipe has recently revealed that Hiperdelic is in the process of rebranding, and with this exciting change will come a range of new services which they will now offer, one of which includes production classes, taught by the man himself.

Aspiring producers are given a choice of beginner, intermediate and advanced classes, which will all range in price and course length. Even though production styles have advanced over the years, Hipe will be offering young producers the opportunity to learn about the timeless, classic sample based production on MPC, PC and Mac, as well as the use of production software such as ACID pro.

“I’m mostly going to be teaching my style of production, I believe sample-based music isn’t dead and that there are still lots of producers who will be inspired by chopping up sounds and the excitement of digging through vinyls to find the right fit” says Hipe.
If interested, people are encouraged to send an email to info@hiperdelic.com with any inquires.

Written by Shakirah_Sky

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