[NEW MUSIC] Two Point Owe – Dont Leave Me BlackStreet Flip

[NEW MUSIC] Two Point Owe – Dont Leave Me BlackStreet Flip


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Johannesburg born, German based producer Two Point Owe also known as Boogie has been banging out what he calls “headnod music” unofficially since 2003 but only started to really focus on it in 2011 when he got his first keyboard. Although he hasn’t officially released anything as a producer, when asked about his career highlights he mentions DJ’ing an opening set for Eric Lau and hosting some events in Cape Town, where he thinks he left his heart. One being a weekly lounge event in Camps Bay hosting the likes of NonkuPhiri, B-One, Leighton Moody, Soulo Starr and White Nite just to mention a few. He also talks about his previous Hi-Five event on Kloof Street.

The talented beat maker finds inspiration wherever it can be found, when asked about it he replied “My son, Dr Dre, Kan Kick, when I hear a sample while watching a movie, Documentaries, Delon Moody (RIP), Emotions, Life”.

Two Point Owe is currently working on some amazing stuff, to follow his journey, check him out:


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